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Piper club

Delivering monthly hands-on STEM experiences
to learn electronics and programming through Minecraft.

What is Piper Club

We believe that as technology evolves kids need a way to continually learn and keep up. Piper Club is a new way to learn programming and engineering through new challenges and gadgets you receive every month… all through the game of Minecraft!

1. Programming

By understanding how to program and control computers from a young age, kids are prepared for the digital age. Yet programming can be complex and abstract. That is why we have developed an innovative new method designed specifically for kids to introduce them to programming using the visual Minecraft interface that is so familiar to them

  • Every month you receive 3 Piper Hack Cards which outline a challenge and introduce you to fundamental programming concepts through Minecraft.
  • You can build more complex structures in Minecraft as well as program your electronic components to create your own Minecraft levels and world. You can then share those worlds with other players who are also playing Piper.

Use Minecraft interface to learn programming concepts
and program Minecraft

2. Hardware

Computers are only as powerful as the chips they run on and the sensors and outputs they have built in. Understanding the basic building blocks of the physical computer allows you to build a computer that works for you and gadgets that help you control your surroundings.

  • By combining the gadgets in new ways you will build a camera system, a motion-sensor alarm, a night light and a real moving Piperbot!
  • Every other month you receive a new sensor, devices or gadget that allows you to expand your Piper Computer kit and gives you more freedom and functionality to modify the game.

Own your technology

Today all the technology we buy comes in shiny, slick packaging and hides the underlying technological wonder. We believe it is important to understand how devices work in order to be in control of the world around you.

Choose one of our monthly subscription plans:

  • Cards
  • 1 New Level
  • Access to API
  • Piper World
  • One to one Support
  • Monthly progress reports

  • Physics modules
  • Cards
  • 1 New Level
  • Access to API
  • Piper World
  • One to one Support
  • Monthly progress reports

  • Physics modules
  • DIY Keyboard
  • 9 inch LCD screen
  • Camera
  • Cards
  • 2 New Levels
  • Access to API
  • Piper World
  • One to one Support
  • Monthly progress reports


Piper Computer evolution

Every computer has a camera and you will learn how to build a camera for your computer and connect it to an LED light to show when the camera is on or off.

Computers also have microphones, by adding a microphone and a motion sensor you can build your own security system.

By building your own keyboard you will enable full functionality of a powerful linux computer.

By adding larger LCD screen, temperature sensor and moisture sensor you can design hundreds of experiments like real scientists do.

Piper Club Logo
A monthly subscription to learn programming through Minecraft

Every Month You:

  • Build new hardware modules
  • Learn Programming through expansion cards
  • Upgrade and customize your Piper kit
  • Explore new worlds for 20+ hours of build-time and game play
  • Continue the adventures of Piperbot and Pip through the video tutorial
  • Play with character cutouts, stickers, blueprints, and everything you need to continue your adventure
Piper Subscription Components

Collectible expansion cards to learn programming

Collectible cards that show you how to play and program your new hardware modules

Physical Building

Software Programming

Software Programming

Camera Module

Camera Module

Temperature Sensor

Temperature Sensor

Light Sensor

Light Sensor

Ultrasonic Distance Sensor

Ultrasonic Distance Sensor

More hardware to expand your physical inventory!

Play with new sensors and input devices to expand the possibilities of what you can create in Minecraft.
  • Screen with Screwdriver
  • Upgrades to your Piper Kit! New pieces and parts to customize and improve your computer!

  • Piper Club Kit

New worlds and more episodes in the piper adventures

Explore new galaxies and worlds with Pip, Piperbot and commander. Embark on new adventures as the storyline progresses.
  • Planet 1
  • Planet 2
  • Planet 3
  • Planet 4

Learn Engineering concepts while getting new power ups in the game

As you build and program your electronic gadgets, get awesome in-game power ups
  • Rare Block Sensing

    Rare Block Sensing

  • Flying


  • Block Transmutation

    Block Transmutation

  • World Manipulation

    World Manipulation

  • Auto Building


  • Teleportation