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  • The game plays the intro video but then proceeds to the desktop.
  • The screen is black/blue/white.

First try

  • Check that the SD card is inserted all the way in. Take it out, put it back in and press it until it makes a click sound.
  • Check that the HDMI cable is inserted all the way in into the screen.
  • If you don´t see anything on the screen, power the monitor first and then plug in the pi to the turned on battery pack.

Still not booting?
You have two options:

  1. Order a new SD card here
  2. Burn the SD card yourself (Faster, cheaper and you´ll learn something new!)
    You´ll need an SD card reader


    1. Download the latest Piper image file here (2.49GB .zip) or here (7.95GB .img)
    2. Follow the instructions to burn the image into the SD card: Windows, Mac, Linux

If you have more questions or sugestions visit our forum