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Kids discover from the inside out!

Introducing the first award-winning computer kit that enables kids to build and code, and tap into their imaginations.

Piper Computer Kit

The fun and learning begins when kids build it themselves.

Hours and hours of play!

Kit Parts
Kids building Piper

Once they've built their own computer, your kids can do all sorts of wonderful things.

With 10 pre-installed worlds, kids learn to use buttons, wires, and breadboards to navigate obstacles, overcome challenges - and even create their own games - helped along by 'PiperBot' and his little buddy, 'Pip.'

Pip with Piperbot

What will they learn?

Piper teaches kids the basics of technology through tangible play. As they progress through the games, they develop technical skills, use their imaginations, and create amazing things.

Creative Thinking
Problem Solving
Growth Mindset
Now in more than 500 schools!
"Kids on the phone too much playing Minecraft? Have them build a computer (easier than it sounds)"
"Youngsters get to dabble in both computer science and engineering."
"Gamifying computer learning by leveraging... a computer game. Smart."

Piper Computer Kit

299 USD

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